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The romantic era of the ‘70s fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colors, eclectic looks and a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other. It’s the period of the simultaneous existence of several styles in the fashion industry and the decade when the subcultures of hippies, punks and bohemian chic style followers emerged.
Some fashion people love this era for its liberalism and the endless creativity at times even leading to little craziness, while others criticize the seventies fashion because of the apparent absence of any style rules and standards. Still, the seventies style is much appreciated for it became a means of expressing the individuality of a person, her unique vision of style and creativity.
Bringing such mainstream trends as boho-chic vibes, folk, gypsy, hippie, ethnic, retro, classic, disco, safari, military, sporty chic and unisex fashion, the seventies fashion era can be rightly called the most diverse and vibrant decade in the history of fashion. Despite the fact that seventies are regarded as “anti-fashion” and the decade of “a bad taste” by some people, many world-famous designers constantly revisit this era, bringing back the aesthetics of the ‘70s spiced up with a modern twist and presenting luxurious renderings of the key garments, styles and details defining this trend.


From our Beltline Location 403-229-0223
* Angel Wings 70's High Waisted Jeans Sz: 32  $32
* Yellow Floral Top Sz: M  $16
* Michael Kors Sandals Sz: 10 $48

"Street Style"


From our Kensington Location 403-283-5722
* Vince Camuto Shearling Vest Sz: M  $42
*Forever21 Lace Top Sz: S  $10
*Denim Skirt Sz: S $25
*Locally Made Quartz Necklace  $42 


"Street Style"



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