Mix & Match Prints Edition! March 24, 2017 06:00

Welcome to the 8th edition of Friday Finds!
Brought to you by the amazing, beautiful and always fashionable Peacock Babes!
This week is allllll about "Pattern Clashing"
How FUN!!!
We love trends that mix between the wonderful worlds of fashion and interior design. One of my favourites is the art of pattern clashing. Yes, art. Pattern clashing done well is an art form. It takes a good eye, a considered approach, and a little help from us to succeed for outfit of the day.
One of the best ways to mix patterns is to keep the colours in a similar palette. They can be the same colour, or shades of the same colour, or they can be four to five colours that complement each other. For example, shades of black grey & white, or shades of soft pink brown & white.
Now the big one, mixing patterns. We find that this is the ‘be all and end all’ of a successful pattern clash. We like to keep it in the family with geometric prints, but mix up organics with geometric. While geometric patterns will work well with each other, we recommend that you mix organic with geometric, instead of over-using organic as they can fight for dominance. And remember, introducing solid block colours is a great idea as it will give the eye a resting point and will soften your look.
  ** (big thanks to @eslieandbuoy for all the Pattern Clashing tips) **
If this is your first time perusing our "Friday Finds" ... let me introduce...These are our "staff picks" as you would say... only its online, so yes, you can be in your underwear and we don't care!  HA!
These items cannot be purchased "online" per-se  ... however, all you need to do to secure your treasured item is call the shop (location and phone number is listed under each picture)  then you can either ask us to hold for 1 hour.. or you can purchase over the phone with your credit card.Items are put on the sales floor Friday when we open, so hurry ... call or come in to snag your fave item!
OKaaaayyy.... now that we have all that out of the way.... without further ado here are your FRIDAY FINDS:


From our Kensington Location 403-283-5722
* Zara Yellow Print Top Sz: XL  $22
* QED London Navy/White Pants Sz: 8 $24
* Gold Chain Necklace  $12

"Street Styled"


From our Beltline Location 403-229-0223
* Banana Republic Top Sz: XS  $24
* Roberto Verino Skirt Sz: M  $24
* Chinese Laundry Flats Sz: 8.5  $32


"Street Styled" 


And there you have it... Our Friday Finds for this week.
Hope you had fun Pattern Clashing with us!
Tune in each and every Friday for our amazing staff picks of the week!
xoxox The Peacock Babes