Hello California March 3, 2017 06:00

Welcome to the fifth edition of Friday Finds! Brought to you by the amazing, beautiful and always fashionable Peacock Babes!
This week we are in Los Angeles California!  And we want to share all the warmth, glow, and FUN with you!
Here are some fun looks we put together with inspiration from Sun, Sand, and Fabulous People.
If this is your first time perusing our "Friday Finds" ... let me introduce...These are our "staff picks" as you would say... only its online, so yes, you can be in your underwear and we don't care!  HA!

These items cannot be purchased "online" per-se  ... however, all you need to do to secure your treasured item is call the shop (location and phone number is listed under each picture)  then you can either ask us to hold for 1 hour.. or you can purchase over the phone with your credit card.Items are put on the sales floor Friday when we open, so hurry ... call or come in to snag your fave item!
OKaaaayyy.... now that we have all that out of the way.... without further ado here are your FRIDAY FINDS:



From our Beltline Location 403-229-0223
*  Cream Shorts Sz: S  $28
*  Cream Lace Tank Sz: S  $28
*  Cream Lace Jacket Sz: S $38





 From our Kensington Location 403-283-5722
*  Asos White off the shoulder blouse S  $28
*  Show Girl (new) floral skirt S/M  $22
*  Via Spiga nude heels 9  $59
*  Boho necklace  $12




And there you have it...! Our Friday Finds for this week.
We had an amazing time in LA sunning our faces and staring at LIVING flora!  Bring on SUMMER!!
Tune in each and every Friday for our amazing staff picks of the week!
xoxox The Peacock Babes